Welcome to Irish History Online

Irish History Online is part of a European network of sixteen historical bibliographies from fourteen countries.

Irish History Online is an authoritative listing (in progress) of what has been written about Irish history from earliest times to the present. It lists writings on Irish history published since the 1930s, with selected material published in earlier decades. It currently contains over 93,000 bibliographic records (May 2016).

Irish History Online includes bibliographic information on books and pamphlets, articles from journals published in Ireland or internationally, and chapters from books of essays, including Festschriften and conference proceedings. Irish History Online is an essential resource for the study of Irish history at any level, and is free of charge to users.

Irish History Online is hosted and managed by the Royal Irish Academy Library (Dublin). Irish History Online is compiled, edited and regularly updated by a team of voluntary editors and compilers.

Summary report on additions to Irish History Online in 2015
There were over 92,000 entries in the database at the end of 2015. Some 2,596 new records was added to the IHO database during 2015. These included 1,517 articles in journals, 430 monographs or collective volumes and 645 articles/chapters in collective volumes. Of this total input, 1,585 items were published in the years 2013-2015. Retrospective work continued also. Some 839 items published between 2000 and 2012 were added, along with over 150 items published pre-2000. 

The proceedings of the fifth international conference on European historical bibliographies has been published (June 2015). It includes an essay by Bernadette Cunningham on the history of Irish History Online and earlier historical bibliographies in Ireland.

This page last updated 3 May 2016.